Creating a Private Oasis in Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need to accommodate a variety of functions. Start with a key focal point—be it an elegant freestanding bath, heart-stopping vanity unit, or clever walk-in shower idea—and build the rest of the layout around it.

When designing your loo, incorporate universal design principles to ensure the space is comfortable for people of all ages and abilities.

Space-Saving Floating Sink Basin

The bathroom is one of the most high-traffic areas in the home, so it’s not uncommon for it to feel cluttered. If you have a floating sink but are having trouble keeping it free of toiletries, towels, and other odds and ends, consider installing a narrow shelf right above the basin. Floating shelves allow you to keep everything within reach without sacrificing the open feeling of a floating sink or taking away from the overall space.

Another way to create a more spacious appearance in your bathroom design is to ditch the pedestal or landing cabinet and go for a wall-mounted sink. Since these basins don’t have a stand or cabinets underneath, they’re more efficient at maximizing the space below them. This minimalist approach makes them the perfect complement to a simple, modern bath design.

The Aerofoil, a new washplane system that combines maximum innovation with minimalism, is another example of how smart technology can be integrated into contemporary restroom solutions. It features hidden access panels, a built-in grate that reduces errant water, and an optional sensor faucet with four metallic PVD finishes.

Whether you have a soaking tub or a small powder room, a floating sink can make a stunning impact in any space. To help you determine which basin style works best with your space, work with a professional designer to sketch the exact floor plan and position the furniture, fixtures, and washbasins to scale. They can also provide a 3D model that shows how your bathroom will look when it’s finished.

A floating sink can be paired with just about any type of vanity, from a rustic wooden trough to a sleek glass vessel. For a more organic vibe, choose a natural wood basin that will complement your existing decor. Then, add a brass faucet, a modern glass mirror, and a pair of wall sconces for a cohesive look. If you’re a fan of neutral colors, you can even add accent pieces like a plant and a boldly patterned rug to balance the room.

Craft a Private Oasis

Creating a private oasis in your bathroom is a lot easier than you might think. With the right planning and some serious style consideration, you can create a bathroom that is calming, beautiful, and perfect for relaxing in after a long day at work.

If you’re looking for a design feature that will make your bathroom stand out, consider adding a bold accent wall in a different color than the rest of the space. A striking hue can add visual interest, and if you choose to use the space for more than just bathing, it can also provide a calming backdrop for mornings before work or after long nights of partying with friends.

Another way to make a statement in your bathroom is with a unique piece of furniture that’s completely different from everything else in the room. If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, consider using an antique mirror that features decorations on the frame, or a chandelier that’s unlike anything else in the space.

The best part about a unique bathroom is that it’s an ideal space to experiment with decor styles that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to use in other rooms of your home. If you’re interested in incorporating a little bit of black into your bathroom, try introducing a few black towels or black decor pieces to the space, and then balance out the aesthetic with lighter colors.

For a more elegant, feminine feel to your bathroom, opt for a theme that celebrates nature. Whether it’s a luscious green, a light blue, or a delicate grey, incorporating natural elements into your bathroom can instantly transform the space into a tranquil and soothing sanctuary. You can easily introduce this look with the UMLAZA Rug in natural wool and botanical silk from Boca do Lobo, or the HERON Rug from Brabbu for a modern and minimalistic look.

Don’t Let a Quirky Floor Plan or Roof Line Block Your Creativity

As the room where you put on your makeup, take a shower or even have a good cry, your bathroom is probably one of the most personal spaces in the home. That makes it a perfect place to showcase your unique personality and style. But, just like in any other space, it needs to function as well. That can sometimes be a tricky balance to strike.

A good rule of thumb when designing a bathroom is to choose elements that are both trendy and timeless. Trying to keep up with every design fad will likely date the space in the long run, so it’s better to stick with classic pieces that will still look fresh years from now.

The same applies to bathroom fixtures and materials. The right choice of materials will not only stand the test of time but can also elevate the overall feel of a space. Consider swapping out builder basics for fixtures that have more heft, style and personality. For example, replacing yellow polished brass sink faucets with oil-rubbed bronze or traditional brushed nickel can instantly update a bath.

Having the right storage options is also crucial in any space, but especially so in a bathroom. If possible, consider bumping out a wall to make room for more built-in shelving. However, if that is not feasible or you are on a budget, there are plenty of stylish bathroom storage ideas you can implement to make your space more functional and organized.

Natural light is vital in any bathroom, but it’s especially important if you have a small space. To maximize light in a tight bath, opt for an open shower instead of a curtain. This allows more light to fill the room and adds a sense of depth.

Choosing the right shower head is another great way to add some personality to your space. Whether it’s multiple showerheads, a waterfall or even just a rain-head, the right fixture can really transform the look of your bathroom and give it that spa feel so many homeowners seek. Just be sure to install the type of showerhead that meets your specific usage needs.

Add a Skylight

Natural light brightens rooms and brings a sense of openness, and the right skylight for your bathroom can make the difference between a dreary space and one that feels uplifting and fresh. Not only does it highlight bathroom materials and textures in new ways, but natural light also negates the need for excessive electric lighting, reducing energy costs.

If your home has a flat roof that is suitable for installing a skylight, it’s a great way to bring in natural light while still maintaining the privacy and beauty of your bathroom. However, it’s important to consult a professional before adding a skylight because they can help you choose the best size, shape and type for your space. They can also check to see that you have the right amount of space on your roof and ensure there are no obstructions that could hinder the installation process.

Another way to brighten your bathroom with a skylight is to install one that doubles as a ventilation system. Having adequate ventilation in the bathroom helps to remove moisture and reduce unpleasant odors, as well as prevent mold and mildew. When choosing a skylight for the room, look for models with built-in exhaust fans to maximize ventilation and energy efficiency.

Lastly, consider using a ceiling-facing skylight to create an artistic statement in the room by painting it a bold color. This can add visual interest to the space, especially if you choose a dark hue that contrasts with the rest of the room. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that darker colors can shrink small bathrooms, so if you do opt for a dramatic color, be sure to balance it with plenty of white space and choose a high-gloss paint finish.

When choosing a skylight for your bathroom, it’s important to consider its size and shape, type, insulation and energy efficiency as well as aesthetics. To avoid glare and excess heat, opt for models with low-E coatings and shading devices. Additionally, be sure to choose CFL or LED bulbs with a warm-white tint to mimic sunlight and minimize harshness.