Juucy Model X is a pre-filled disposable pod vape device that’s compact, light and portable. Each 6ml portable pod comes pre-filled with 5% (50mg) of e-liquid and can be enjoyed in a variety of flavors.

The Juucy Model X vaporizer has a 950mAh battery that delivers more than 1600 puffs. This is more than enough for the average cigarette smoker to enjoy intermittent usage.

Pod Size

The Juucy Model X is a pre-filled disposable vape pod device that is compact, light and portable. It requires no maintenance, charging or refilling and comes with a 5% (50mg) of e-liquid per pod. It also features a 950mah battery, which provides a powerful vaping experience and lasts long enough to finish 1600 puffs.

It is a perfect choice for newbies to get started with vaping because it is designed to be stylish, discreet, and effective. It has an adjustable power range of 7-12W that lets you adjust how hard you want your hit and switch flavors in a flash. This device also offers a variety of flavors that are designed to give you the ultimate satisfaction, whether you’re looking for a quick pick me up or a full blown hit. Order today from Fat Puff Wholesale and enjoy the ultimate in disposable vaping! You’ll never regret your decision. We offer free shipping on orders over $50!

Battery Life

The Juucy Model X disposable vape device is an ultra-portable device that delivers more than 1600 puffs of vapor. It features a 950mAh battery that is way more powerful than most other vape pods in the market and should last you a good while. It also comes with a 6mL vape juice capacity using 5% salt nicotine, giving you more than enough for a few days of frequent use.

Juucy Model X is a pre-filled disposable pod vape that is convenient since it requires no maintenance or charging. It comes with a 950mAh battery that should last you a few hours. The battery will blink when it runs out of power, but it does not mean that the device is dead. This is just a sign that it is time to replace it with a new one. The best part about this disposable is that it uses a draw-activated firing system, so you do not have to press any buttons to begin smoking.


Juucy Model X is not only the newest and most popular vape on the market, but it also offers a lot of nifty features that will help you enjoy your favorite e-liquids. These include a variety of temperature settings and a large battery that can last for an extended period of time, all while providing you with a smooth, satisfying vaping experience.

The Juucy Model X is one of the smallest and most portable devices on the market. It features a 950mAh battery that can last for an impressive 1600 puffs of your favorite e-liquid. The X also has a 6mL vapor-friendly pre-filled vape tank, which can hold enough e-liquid to keep you satiated for hours on end.

The model X is the newest member of the Juucy family, and it comes in a variety of flavors to suit your tastes. The best part is that it comes at an affordable price tag, making it a great option for anyone looking to kick the smoking habit for good.


Juucy Model X is one of the highest quality disposable vape pods on the market right now. It has 18 different flavors to choose from and each pod holds 6ml of E-Liquid that comes pre-filled with a nicotine strength of 5% (50mg).

These disposables are the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable way to get started vaping. They’re also easy to use and don’t require any maintenance or refilling.

They come with a 950mAh built-in battery and can deliver up to 1600 puffs of flavorful vapors. Plus, they’re a lot more reliable than many other vape pods on the market.

They also have a lot of enjoyable flavors that will leave your taste buds amazed. This includes Frozen Banana, which combines bananas with cool menthol to create a tasty and satisfying vape. Very Juucyberry is another delicious blend that will captivate your taste buds. It’s one of the best flavors we’ve seen to date.